We offer the most affordable trademark registration in South Africa

Our Pricing

Our qualified team of trademark experts is equipped to handle trademark applications of all sizes and industries. We handle all the lodging and admin on your behalf, and we also offer the most competitive rates in the industry. See our pricing below.

Registrability search
We will conduct a registrability search on your trademark name and logo, in order to ensure that your trademark does not conflict in any way with other registered trademarks.
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Trademark registration
We will lodge individual trademark applications for every word, logo and slogan on your behalf. Each instance will be charged for per class category that your trademark falls under. All applications are registered with the Registrar of Trade Marks at CIPC.
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Registrability search & Trademark registration
We strongly recommend that when you register a trademark, you initially do a search to determine the ability of the trademark to be registered. This is our most popular offering, and ensure you’re covered from end to end.
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